Summer Camp 2017 dates and applications are now available. Click here for the dates and applications.

10th Annual Calcutta Night was a success! Click here for pictures of the event.

Partners In Adventure’s: “ADVENTURES IN NATURE”

Join PIA’s own Wilderness Coordinator, Lindsay Going-Swaim, one Saturday a month for a closer look at the natural world with our new program “Adventures In Nature.” We will be meeting at a variety of outdoor and indoor locations to learn more about nature in Vermont. Come prepared to spend some time outside and get dirty as we make shelters, study ponds, turn into migrating animals, and more! Cold weather activities will be presented with an awareness of comfort and safety. Each program will run for roughly an hour and a half, and will be fully accessible for all participants. Each person who requires an assistant must come with one; there is no cost for aides. Please RSVP in advance to Lindsay at: lindsaygs@partnersinadventure.org by the date shown for each activity, so that we can have enough supplies on hand! For detailed information, go to our website:www.partnersinadventure.org


April 15: “Camouflage” Meet TBA at 10am, pick up at 12pm. RSVP by April 10.
Join us for a leisurely stroll where we will search for creatures that blend in with their surroundings to hide from predators. As we search for birds, moths, and beetles, we will put on some face paint and become camouflaged ourselves! We will finish with a game of camouflage where you will need to blend in to win!
May 13: “Stream Study” Meet TBA at 1pm, pick up 2:30. RSVP by May 8.
Pond water will be put into shallow tubs for looking, touching, catching, and separating amphibians, insects, and eggs. We can learn about and identify what lives in the pond with magnifying glasses and microscopes. After we put everything back, we can go for a stroll through the park’s hard-packed dirt trail.